10 Favorite Cartoon Characters You Didn’t Know Were Famous People

TopHealthBlog became curious about which cartoon characters were inspired by celebrities and found 10 remarkable stories. You can also find a bonus about MGM’s iconic mascot at the end of the article.

Some cartoon characters can be so memorable, it’s like they are actual people. And this is easy to explain. Animators take their inspiration from life and base some characters on celebrities. For example, Disney’s Aladdin was inspired by Tom Cruise and the vultures from The Junge Book were based on The Beatles.

1. Aladdin and Tom Cruise

10 Favorite Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Famous People 1

Disney’s Aladdin was designed by the team of Glen Keane. Initially, the hero was supposed to be thirteen and originally resembled the actor Michael J. Fox.

During production, the team decided that the design was too boyish and didn’t appeal enough to the audience. So he was aged a bit to be 18 and redesigned with actor Tom Cruise and some Calvin Klein models in mind.

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