10 Strangest Diseases You Won’t Believe Are Real

There are medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, that almost all of us will have heard of, But what about those that are so rare that very few of us will know about? In this Spotlight, we look at 10 Strangest Diseases You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. The disease that makes you believe you’re dead

Strangest Diseases

Cotard’s Delusion, “Walking Corpse Syndrome” Cotard’s Delusion is a rare mental disorder in which a person sincerely believes he or she is missing body parts—such as the brain—or is actually dead. Sufferers tend not to eat or bathe, and they often spend time in cemeteries, wishing to be among their own kind. Well, their perceived own kind, at any rate.

This disorder has been connected to a dysfunction in the areas of the brain responsible for recognizing and associating emotions with faces, including their own. This causes a complete emotional detachment and removes any sense of personal identity when looking at their bodies. Medications can be used to treat the condition, though electroconvulsive therapy has worked better in some cases.

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