7 Famous Couples Who’ve Known Each Other for Ages and Fell in Love


TopHealthBlog has come up with a list of 7 Famous Couples Who’ve Known Each Other for Ages and Fell in Love. These are couples who oddly ended up as lovers after years of knowing each other.

Sometimes the love of our life was right under our nose the whole time and we didn’t see it or it was just not the right moment. There are couples who stay friends after breaking up, but they’re also times when long-time acquaintances and friends end up becoming loving partners years later. In reality, we never feel more comfortable than when we are surrounded by our friends.

1.Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Although the couple didn’t start dating for the first time until 2016, they actually met in 2009. It all happened during a backstage encounter at The Today Show when Hailey was introduced to the biggest pop star of the moment by her father, Stephen Baldwin. The 2 got married in 2019.

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