Halloween: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Characters

October is exciting because it gives you an excuse to wear ridiculous costumes, decorate your house with candle-lit pumpkins, and snuggle up to watch scary movies. Fans of horror movies are delighted as Halloween brings out the classic spooky movies. But there is so much that we do not know about some of the most well-known bad guys. The details about each of these personas can be pretty surprising since they show a different side of the characters we thought we knew so well.

TopHealthBlog crossed over to the dark side to understand more about some characters that make Halloween a memorable and hair-raising experience.

1. The Joker’s first sidekick was not Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn may be The Joker’s most popular sidekick, but she wasn’t the first. A little clown named Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy a.k.a. Gaggy was a loyal follower until he ended up in prison. When he came back, he was unimpressed that Harley Quinn had taken over his spot.

2. Maleficent is just an angry, forgotten, old fairy.

In the folktale, the evil fairy who cursed the princess to prick her finger on a spindle and die was just an angry old fairy. While the other fairies were invited to be godmothers for the princess, this old fairy was forgotten. This was because she had been in the tower for too long and everyone thought she was dead. Feeling overlooked, she cursed the little princess.

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