Health Benefit of Green Tea In Boosting Antiviral Immune

green tea

Health Benefit of Green Tea In Boosting Antiviral Immune

green tea

In contrast to most antiviral drugs, green tea appears to work by boosting the immune system to fight diseases like genital warts (caused by HPV) and flu (caused by the influenza virus). According to one study, “The belief in green tea as a ‘great weapon’  fighting against disease dates back thousands of years.

Here is a list of following Benefit of green tea in Boosting Antiviral Immune

  1. Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients which help to regulate blood sugar, improve brain function and improve metabolism. There are also essential minerals, bioactive compounds and fat-burning qualities in this ‘super-drink.’ This also helps to increase the process of detoxification in the body and helps to lose weight.
  2. Apparently, green tea can also help with wrinkles and ageing signs, due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Studies of both animals and humans have shown that green tea that is applied topically can reduce sun damage.
  3. There is evidence that green tea and chamomile tea can help make the immune system stronger. Even if the effect is minimal, you can’t go wrong, because both are loaded with powerful, unique antioxidants for each tea
  4. This winter may be drinking green tea would ward off the sniffles. In a controlled randomized study, 32 per cent fewer participants taking green tea extract reported signs of cold or flu compared to a placebo control group (Rowe et al., 2006). The exact mechanisms behind this effect are unknown but they may be related to the content of vitamin C in green tea.
  5. The health benefits that green tea has accrued indicate it will help you live longer. Indeed, one major study that tracked participants over 11 years showed that drinking three or four cups of tea per day decreased mortality risk for men by 5 per cent, and women by 18 per cent.
  6. Green tea is not only perfect for your physical health, but it can keep you looking amazing too! Green tea products are widely used by beauty experts for their anti-inflammatory effect. A combined diet of 10 per cent green tea cream and green tea supplements, for example, enhances skin elasticity, which keeps your skin looking younger as you age.
  7. The key to the ability of green tea to prevent disease is its antioxidant properties. While the body produces its own antioxidants (endogens), they are not very effective when dealing with free radicals (waste substances caused by oxidative stress) on their own. Oxidative stress was associated with numerous conditions such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, cardiac disease, Parkinson’s disease, and respiratory disease. The body’s inability to deal with the free radicals is exposing you to these diseases. Because of this, you need external sources of antioxidants (exogenous) which are a good source of green tea.
  8. There is evidence that green tea and chamomile tea can help make the immune system stronger. You can’t go wrong, even if the effect is minimal since both are loaded with powerful antioxidants unique to each tea. For that reason, consider drinking a couple of cups of green tea with a tiny bit of raw honey early in the day and then a couple of cups of chamomile or mint tea at night.
  9. Green tea is a good option for those concerned about added sugars because it contains zero grams of sugar of course. Green tea is the healthier option compared to soda and fruit juice which both contain a lot of sugar. Unless you’re used to sugar drinks, it may take some time to adapt to green tea’s more astringent taste. One perfect way to enjoy the benefits of green tea is to blend one or two teaspoons of matcha green tea powder into your smoothies before you get used to making your own green tea.

Green tea is reputed to be one of the world’s healthiest drinks. It is loaded with antioxidants which have many benefits for the health.